Long Beach Brides Boot Camp

Brides-to-be look to me (Jed Miller) for a fitness routine that is way outside the ordinary workout routines you might find elsewhere.  Hey, I’m not here to knock any other trainer’s program, I’m just letting you know that mine is different.  I use my own Mixed Method Muscle Confusion training system to make sure you’ll get continued results without plateaus.  Have you ever done a workout routine for as while?  Maybe it worked well and then your results fizzled.  Well, my training style keeps your body guessing daily, where many other advanced programs usually shift things every 1 to 2 weeks.  And even then they don’t normally mix training styles…I Sure Do!

Lots of great trainers are only great with one style of training – their preferred method.  My system comes from my own experience and my desire to always achieve better results for myself and others.  I’m fortunate to have Lots of people seeking me out because of my reputation for understanding that each client is different and the female body needs to be understood before it gets trained.  I tailor make every individual personal training session knowing that everyone responds a little bit differently to fitness training.  Some people can add lean muscle faster than others, while some lose fat more quickly.  It is my responsibility to figure you out so we can get fast results by using the approach that I know will work best for you.

I offer group fitness for brides and bridesmaids too!  My Long Beach Brides Boot Camp is perfect for a pre-wedding fitness program.  I’m happy to help soon to be brides set up and follow through with a fitness program that will have you looking amazing on the big day.

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Best Wishes,

Jed Miller