Kettlebell Fitness Training

Ready for Kettlebell Training? The kettlebell, aka kettle bell, kettle-bells or KB,  is a cast-iron weight with a round handle grip which sort of looks like a cannonball with a handle.  The kettlebell is available in a wide range of sizes.  This piece of training equipment used to perform ballistic exercises for strength, power and cardiovascular exercise.  Enhanced flexibility is also achieved with the KB.   The original Russian kettlebells are measured in weight by KG and LB with a stamp on each side of the weight branded into the metal cast.  With increased popularity many variations of the kettlebell have emerged in the US and throughout the world.  Some versions now hold sand in a hard plastic casing.

I sometimes use kettlebell training in my Long Beach area Boot Camps because KB exercise differs from dumbbells.  Effective bumbbell training requires a high level of form and control, where KB workouts demand more power from the body in what I call “Momentum Training”.  Plus KB training provides a higher level of cardio.  With momentum and quick swings the kettlebell’s center of mass is extended past the hand as the weight swings either with or against gravity.  Additionally, the kettlebell can be used to oppose your primary or secondary exercise, which further challenges the core.

Warning:  Kettlebell exercise can be dangerous for those who have back or shoulder injuries (past or present), or a weak core.  Light KB training can actually help resolve physical problems and injuries but only when done properly under the supervision of a Fitness Trainer.

If you’d like to get into kettlebell training and don’t know where to start contact me