Boot Camp VIP

Boot Camp VIP – Get In On This!

becoming a boot camp vip:

Simply sign up for the special Boot Camp Member Rate and you’re in!  Yes, it really is that easy.  No initiation fee or extra monthly dues, just a lower rate for Unlimited Boot Camp in Long Beach CA.  These benefits are yours as our way of thanking you for being a loyal client.  Your hard work , dedication, and willingness to stick with the program is what sets you apart from the pack.  You’re special and for special people come special rewards – boot camp VIP benefits.


referral bonus:

When your friends sign up everyone winsand they become boot camp vip members too! With every referral you’ll get a Free 30 minute Personal Training session if your friend, relative, co-worker, etc. joins for even one single Pay-As-You-Go session after their trial. Referred clients are boot camp VIP members too if they join out group exercise programs.


special discounts:

Current VIP Boot Camp members can qualify for special loyalty discounts when they begin a 1:1 individual personal training program.  These special discounts may vary so contact Level 9 for the most current VIP offers.  This is the perfect way to take your Boot Camp results to a whole new level.  Minimum 4 Pack 1:1 purchase required while currently enrolled in a group exercise class.