Boot Camp 90803

It’s all About the Location

Boot Camp group fitness classes in 90803:  The perfect locations in Long Beach CA offer ocean views as well as quiet residential parks in Belmont Shore.  Why on earth would anyone want to exercise inside a gym or health club when they can experience outdoor Level 9 Boot Camp sessions in 90803.

Join us for a workout like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.  With 90803 group exercise programs for all fitness levels you’ll fit right in.

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You’ll be using your own body weight, dumb bells, resistance bands and more.  The most important thing you should always bring is a can do attitude.  That’s the key ingredient in your success at the Long Beach L9 Boot Camp.  Make the decision to just go for it and the rest will fall into place as you begin to see your body changing.  You’ll gain energy, lean muscle mass, self esteem (hey, we could all use an ego boost right?) and you’ll begin to see your body leaning out as fat starts to melt off your body.

All of this and an ocean view while you train at boot camp in 90803?  Yes, this is Your Fitness Solution!


Boot Camp sessions and free charity event locations include Belmont Shore, Livingston Park, Bluff Park and various other locations in Long Beach CA 90803.  New clients are encouraged to try the program and bring a few friends.