What is Jed’s Boot Camp

My Boot Camp in Long Beach CA is a group exercise program offering outdoor fitness classes for all fitness levels.  I have open-enrollment classes for anyone who wants to join.  I also offer private small group exercise bootcamps which are outdoors.  The private classes are generally assemble by one “group leader”, a person who assembles their own group of friends or co-workers.  Open-enrollment (general admission) classes are usually set up in programs of thirty, sixty or ninety days of boot camps in Long Beach and nearby locations.  Normally one price will cover all sessions in a program while there’s also the option to pay-as-you go at a specific session rate for that entire program.  My group exercise classes are almost always outside.  Outdoor fitness training is a great departure from typical gym fitness training.

The type of training for each program is suitable for people of all fitness levels, especially general admission boot camps.  Beginners are offered exercise modifications so I can always make sure there’s a safe way to do each exercise.  Advanced exercisers will also thrive in my group classes because the structure of each workout promotes fat loss and lean muscle growth.  Lots of trainers use one specific method of training while I’ve spent years perfecting my mixed method muscle confusion M3C style.  Muscle confusion means your body can never adapt to one specific workout or series of exercises which speeds up results and helps you avoid plateaus.

I know the boot camp style of training because I have been through US Army boot camp.  This was an amazing, character building experience but I’ve definitely deviated from a totally military style training style.  I mainly mirror the pace and intensity of military fitness training but I definitely don’t use the mean Drill Sergeant approach to motivate my clients.  Over the years I’ve found that positive reinforcement is the best way to help people to push through each rep and keep getting results.  Some clients refer to my instruction style as the “Positive Push”.  All I ask is that you show up with a Can Do Attitude and you’ll get results!

Over the years I’ve instructed plenty of types of group exercise classes and my current program is a combination of all of the best parts of my previous programs.  This means that my current training programs spent years in the making and are proven to produce awesome results.  We use body weight training, weight training, specialized cardio and sometimes kettlebells, jump ropes, resistance bands and balance balls.  All of this combined with stair training, interval sprints and dynamic stretching makes a program like no other.  I always say don’t take my word for it, ask my people or read my boot camp testimonial reviews.

My ultimate goal with Level 9 Long Beach Boot Camps is to offer people the chance to get total body workouts on a consistent basis with only a small investment compared to my Individual Personal Training programs.  I’m so fortunate to have such amazing clients from all walks of life with different fitness goals and different motivating factors in their lives.  Some want to get ripped in ninety days, others want to just become more healthy and some want to lose weight.  For weight loss my group exercise classes work incredible well because every session offers resistance training which helps boost your metabolism for fat loss and losing weight, as well as specialized cardio designed to raise and lower your heart rate multiple times in a single cycle of exercise activities.

Each workout is different from the last so you’ll never burn out or get bored…you really never know what to expect.  That makes each workout exciting and fun.  Many group exercise workouts are on a constant cycle of repeated workouts for each day of the week or week of the month.  I never do that.  I have total control of my boot camps and I don’t follow the pre-set program you’ll typically find in a gym or health club.

I’m different, you’ll see!  Find out why I have such a loyal following with a free trial boot camp session.

Best Wishes,

Jed Miller