Boot Camp Attitude

Long Beach CA Boot Camp - I Can Do This

Boot Camp Attitude – Do You Have What it Takes?

If you’ve never attended one of my Long Beach L9 Boot Camp sessions you’re probably asking yourself a few questions…Do I have what it takes?….am I in good enough shape to start?….Will I be able to keep up with the group?….Will Jed be over the top or downright mean?


I’m a Long Beach Boot Camp Coach

Well, I’m tough and I expect a lot but I’m certainly not mean or degrading to anyone, ever.  No matter what physical condition you’re in when you start you will be able to get through every session.  I’ll make sure of that.  The single most important thing you will need to bring to every single session is a positive attitude.  Your own will and desire to succeed is what will bring you success in my Long Beach CA Boot Camp program no matter where you’re starting from.


New to My Long Beach CA Boot Camps?

When you start something new, especially something that you know will be tough, you might feel intimidated or nervous.  Guess what – Everyone in my groups had a first day..and they got through it.  You’re not alone out there.  That’s what’s so great about the amazing people in my group fitness training programs and group exercise classes-

We’re all in it together!