The Right Personal Trainer

Ready for a Personal Trainer? Make the Right Choice

Are you ready for Personal Training? Maybe you’ve been thinking about hiring a personal trainer for a while and you’re ready to go for it.  Or maybe you’ve been a member of my Long Beach based Boot Camps or another group exercise program and you’re ready for a more individualized program with a Personal Fitness Trainer.


Let’s face it,  you want a personal fitness trainer that will deliver results.  But when you select a trainer you should look deeper.  The trainer that’s right for you is someone you can trust to design a program that is right for your specific goals, body type and timeline for results.  Over the years as a personal fitness trainer I’ve worked side-by-side with some of the best trainers in the industry. What I learned will stay with me forever. I’ve noticed that the standout trainers I’ve worked with have all have the things you’d expect: experience, multiple certifications, plenty of talent….


But the Best of the best trainers have something else too. They have a deep caring and desire to truly help their clients.  There’s a bond between a client and a top level personal trainer that is rare and very special.  Top trainers treat every single client like they are their only client.


You’re not “Average”, you’re one of a kind and your fitness trainer should be too. Don’t settle for the first trainer you meet or the one your health club wants to set you up with.  Lots of trainers out there are just working a job to earn a paycheck.  While there’s certainly nothing wrong with that you could end up with someone who’s not really focused on you and your results.  Expect more, you’re worth it!


I strive to be the best every single day.  Thanks to my extensive experience working with the best in the biz and years of helping people reach their goals I’m at the top of my game.  I’ve trained actors, professional athletes, soccer moms, brides-to-be, weight lifters, seniors and plenty of other types of people over the years.   There’s a reason so many of my Long Beach area boot camp clients also become personal training clients.  They know I strive be be the best and it shows.  I’ve spent my career taking people from where they don’t want to be physically to where they’ve always wanted to be.


Fitness is my life, not my job. If you’re in Long Beach CA let’s meet and talk about your fitness goals.  If you’re outside of LB I’ll be happy to help you find a top trainer elsewhere.  I’ve got friends throughout the country who share my passion for personal training.


Jed Miller