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Small groups with lost of personal attention.





What’s this 90803 Boot Camp Really Like?

Boot Camps Long Beach California

This Long Beach CA group exercise program is a chance for you to start getting in shape outdoors, in Long Beach CA. Jed Miller trains boot camps, semi-private groups and 1-on-1 personal training clients year round, usually outside.

Mixed Method Muscle Confusion

JM’s Boot Camp is a  specialized fitness training system which incorporates up to 9 training methods for awesome results, without plateaus.

The Level 9 Training System helps each client to break through plateaus, find their own personal max and train just below that level. Staying just shy of a level 10 intensity on a scale of 1 to 10 creates the fastest results in the shortest amount of time, while avoiding potential injuries and total burnout.

The Jed Miller Boot Camp Long Beach CA program uses JM’s very own Mixed Method Muscle Confusion training style to help people just like you achieve AMAZING RESULTS.

With Muscle Confusion at the core of the L9 Boot Camps you’ll see results without plateaus…just ask Jed’s clients and read Boot Camp Testimonials.

Set Boot Camp Goals for Yourself

Reaching your fitness and wellness goals will require some hard work on your part but rest assured You Will Succeed and this is the program that will get you there fast.

Jed Miller Boot Camp 90803 and Free Boot Camps offered in Long Beach CA and other areas in Southern California. Current Long Beach Boot Camps are designed for fast weight loss and lean muscle development.

All Boot Camp clients and participants must be willing and able to endure a high intensity muscle confusion based exercise routine.



Varied Boot Camp Routines

In order to get consistent results you need to keep your body guessing so you never acclimate to a single exercise routine or training style. Every single Jed Miller Boot Camp session is different from the last. No repeat workouts means no muscle acclimation, which ultimately means better results for YOU. After all, that’s what we all want right? BETTER, FASTER RESULTS.

With a traditional, predictable exercise program results can begin to taper off no matter how hard you exercise or how much effort you put in at boot camp or in individual sessions. The Jed Miller Boot Camp series doesn’t allow your body to get used to a workout routine because Jed takes the “routine” out of working out. Think of it this way – Routine is a results killer.

With the Long Beach Level 9 Boot Camp You’ll get amazing results without spending a fortune. Group Exercise classes can cost over ten times less than individual personal training. If you’re looking for maximum results at a minimal investment Jed Miller has your fitness training solution! in a constant state of change and adaptation, which means constant results without plateaus. You’ll never plateau because your body will never fully acclimate to your workouts…



Boot Camp Body Shock!

By using multiple methods of exercise you’ll continuously shock your body and keep it in a constant state of recovery. This means your metabolism with be elevated for up to 48 hours following each workout. A raised metabolism means increased fat burning long after you’ve worked out. By using body weight, resistance bands, dumb bells, kettlebells and plyometric training you;ll soon see why so many people in Long Beach love Jed Miller’s Boot Camp! See Boot Camp testimonials and Reviews to find out what other people have to say about the Level 9 Boot Camp.

Come out and Try Jed Miller’s Long Beach Boot Camps

If you live in Long Beach 90802 or 90803 chances are great that there’s a Level 9 Boot Camp near you. Most group exercise classes are held near the ocean at bluff park or inland a few blocks at Livingston park.