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Jed Miller brings Muscle Confusion to his Long Beach Boot Camp outdoor classes.

This unique group training style works well for all fitness levels.



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Because you have nothing to lose, the trial is FREE with no strings attached.

Our Boot Camp offers a fun and supportive vibe where the newbie is always welcome.

It’s always outside so you can skip the gym… for good!


JOIN the program originally designed for Level 9 Boot Camp in Long Beach CA and see why people love it!


What a fantastic bootcamp for getting motivated with a great group of girls and a few guys. Energetic and exciting way to tone up and meet new people. What a joy to be doing such fun things outside. Great instructor. I highly recommend it for all levels!

Shelby  |  Long Beach CA

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Boot Camp for ALL of US

Boot Camps Long Beach California

The Long Beach CA group exercise program is a chance for you to start getting in shape outdoors, in Long Beach CA. JM trains outdoor boot camps, semi-private groups and 1-on-1 personal training clients year round.

Mixed Method Muscle Confusion Boot Camp

JM’s Long Beach Boot Camp is a specialized fitness training system which incorporates up to 9 training methods for awesome results, without plateaus.

Level 9 Training System helps each client to break through plateaus. You will find your own personal max and train just below that level. Staying just shy of a level 10 intensity on a scale of 1 to 10 creates the fastest results in the shortest amount of time.  This system helps in avoiding potential injuries and total burnout.

Varied Boot Camp Routines

In order to get consistent results you need to keep your body guessing so you never acclimate to a single exercise routine or training style. Every single program at Jed Miller Boot Camp is different from the last.

Boot Camp Body Shock

By using multiple methods of exercise you’ll continuously shock your body and keep it in a constant state of recovery. Your metabolism with be elevated for up to 48 hours following each workout because of muscle tear healing.

A raised metabolism means increased fat burning long after you’ve worked out. By using body weight, resistance bands, dumb bells, kettlebells and plyometric training you’ll soon see why so many people in Long Beach love Jed Miller’s Boot Camp!