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Long Beach CA Boot Camp Testimonials

Long Beach CA Boot Camp Testimonials & Reviews

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Below you’ll find some testimonials from Jed Miller Boot Camp attendees.  These are some of the emails and notes Jed has received, along with pictures of the clients who took the time to speak their minds.  This section should give you an idea of what you can expect and how you’ll feel.  For more testimonials go to Level 9 Testimonials.


Long Beach CA Boot Camp Testimonials

What a fantastic bootcamp for getting motivated with a great group of girls and a few guys. Energetic and exciting way to tone up and meet new people. What a joy to be doing such fun things outside. Great instructor. I highly recommend it for all levels!



I’ve honestly never gotten results from a fitness class like I have from your boot camp. Thank you!





Thanks Jed for all of your hard work getting me into shape. I have to say I not only look great, but I feel amazing. I have never worked out with a trainer before and it is well worth it. Someone told me last week that they did not even recognize me and it has only been 30 days. I look forward to my training sessions three times a week and now I feel as though I can do anything. Thanks Level 9.








I must admit I have never taken a boot camp class before in my life and was a bit skeptical at first although I have been an avid athletic participant and martial arts/yoga/squash player for years and years. After training only briefly with you, my conclusion is that your blend of serious athleticism, martial arts precision and zen transcending enthusiasm to push yourself to limits you did know you were capable of and doing it without the over-the-top stereotypical drill Sergeant attitude and demeanor is incredible and the proof is in the performance.

Long story longer, I commend you on your style, grace and commitment to your people and am very pleased to win your praise when you see perfect form and improved performance.

I highly recommend you to everyone and anyone and if there is anything I can further do to spread the word, you just let me know.

Cheers and looking forward to season 2!

All the best,

Stuart David Arkin
Co-Founder & COO
Sweepstakes Hub



Hey Jed,

Thanks for a good butt kicking a few days a week. I feel stronger and fitter already. It’s totally worth it. I originally came along with my wife (Christy) for support and now I’m totally addicted.









Hey Jed,

Tonight’s workout was challenging and I may have done more than my fair share of complaining, but I just wanted to thank you!!! You always know when to kick things up a notch and push me a bit further than I think I can go even when I give you “the look”. You are right….I felt so great after this workout knowing that I at least attempted and got through a set of “advanced” moves, even though they may not have been perfect. I kind of miss our 1:1 sessions twice a week, but I am definitely enjoying the bootcamp…the group dynamic and the variety of workouts is awesome! Just wanted to make sure that you know how grateful I am to be able to train with you! I feel better than ever!







It’s really been exciting doing the boot camp. I like doing one on one sessions with you too but there’s a really cool energy in the boot camp. Plus the guy I’m dating really likes my legs!!!







Hey Jed,

Although it’s embarrassing, I wanted to share the best news this week. Today I went clothes shopping and all my purchases were from the regular size section. I can’t even remember the last time in my life that I fit into regular sized pants. Thank you for helping me become stronger, healthier, and a much HAPPIER person. James is loving the class too. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!

P.S. I can even carry my bike upstairs by myself! Woo hoo!!

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Hey Jed,

Thanks for another great workout yesterday! Your boot camp is the perfect addition to my cross-fit workouts and pilates. I’m way into fitness, as you know, so I’m pretty hardcore and you definitely give me what I need. Looking forward to more killer workouts! See ya Wednesday.


*Photo courtesy of Jamie S., Thanks for training with me. You look amazing! -Jed



Hi Jed,

I know I don’t say much, but I wanted to thank you for being an awesome trainer and always having a great energy about you. Whenever I’m feeling down or stressed out, I always feel so much better after coming to a boot camp class and having a hard (and fun!) workout. I can definitely say it improves both mind and body without a doubt.

Thank you 🙂










Thanks for the inspiration and perspiration. Both do me a world of good! I love your “Positive Push” training style. Looking forward to another great month!








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