Resistance Bands – Low Cost, Highly Effective

Resistance Bands - Why You Need Them

Resistance Bands and Their Many Benefits


Resistance Bands have become a pretty common piece of exercise equipment in individual workouts and Boot Camps. Bands are usually made from rubber tubing and offer you a great way to exercise without stepping foot in a gym or health club.  Exercise bands challenge your muscles in a differently than weight training and kettlebell fitness training.  Most sport & fitness stores (brick and mortar or online) offer exercise bands in a number of different resistance levels.  Talk to me or another boot camp instructor if you’re not sure what band to buy.  Some manufacturers also offer packages of up to 4 different levels of bands.  This is a good way to buy bands because some muscle groups are stronger than others while some are weaker.  A variety pack will allow you to accurately focus in on each muscle group with the right amount of resistance.


Travel With Resistance Bands – Take Them Everywhere!

Whenever one of my clients leaves town for a vacation or work trip we always discuss training options while they’re away.  The #1 piece of equipment I always insist they bring on their trip is at least one resistance band.  Exercise bands are easy to slip into a suitcase, it will only take up as much room as 1 t-shirt.  Simple, basic exercises will at least help you maintain your current physique and when used properly bands can help you improve your body pretty quickly.  Bands work best when combined with other workout methods such as body weight exercises and weight training.


More About Resistance Bands

Resistance bands allow you to leave the gym behind and exercise wherever you want.  Some of my bootcamp and group exercise classes include band work.  Our boot camp outdoor classes are the perfect place to use bands as a form of resistance training.

As I mentioned before exercise bands are super portable.  You can take them literally anywhere for personal workouts and group fitness.  Plus, as I mentioned they are really affordable. The price of fitness equipment is always on the rise and bands have remained one of the most cost effective fitness training options out there, coming in second place only to the jump rope ($2 to $30 depending on quality and customization).  Bands usually cost about $10 for 1 or around $40 for a bundle pack of 3 or 4 bands with handles.  Bands also offer a more complete negative repetition in many exercises than weight training.  This happens because a band usually offers more tension on the negative half of each rep and this results in more muscular stress for more complete reps.


I Love Using Resistance Bands

I truly love doing band work in my own workouts and we use them in some of our Belmont Shore exercise classes.  If you join one of our programs you’ll see just how effective resistance bands are.  See you soon.