Long Beach Area Boot Camp

what’s the level 9 boot camp all about?

Level 9 Boot Camp Workouts are efficient because you work your Total Body with combined methods of resistance training and cardio.  You’ll be transitioning from one exercise to another very quickly in order to stay in the “fat burning zone“.   The workouts involve lots of body weight exercises like pushups, crunches, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, bend-and-thrusts, just to name a few.  You’ll also be working with dumb bells and resistance bands.  Plus you can look forward to a healthy dose of plyometric training.  At Level 9 Fitness Boot Camp the goal is to take your body to a level 9 out of 10 and stay at that intensity for most of each session.  Training at a constant level 10 can be dangerous and may open the door to injury.  Level 9 is where you want to train.


Level 9 Boot Camp programs are:

– The ideal way to burn body fat and calories
– Very efficient because every workout session addresses the Total Body
– Exciting because every workout is new and different from the last
– Simple to plan, even for busy people with the Unlimited Boot Camp option
– Designed for all fitness levels – from beginner to advanced


level 9 boot camp workouts

The Level 9 Fitness system is designed by Jed Miller.  His experience working with all types of clients with a variety of goals has given him the knowledge and insight to design a program that works for every single person who follows the system correctly.



Talk to your doctor before starting a Level 9 Long Beach based Boot Camp program if you any preexisting injuries medical conditions which cold prevent you from engaging in a high intensity boot camp.


what to bring

  • Dumbbells
  • Yoga/exercise mat
  • A resistance band if you have one
  • Water
  • A positive attitude