Boot Camp Progression

What to Expect from Boot Camp

newbies get super sore:

Yes, you will definitely be sore after your first few sessions at Jed Miller’s Boot Camp, especially if you haven’t worked out in a while…or ever.  That’s okay though, it reminds you that you’ve made a very important change in your life and with significant change comes significant discomfort for almost all people all the time.  Generally speaking the first sore is the worst sore.  You might also feel a dip in your energy levels during the first week or so of your Boot Camp program.  This will soon pass and your energy levels will begin to increase over time.


moving forward:

After your first few sessions you’ll start to feel really good all over.  Sure, you’re already feeling good from the sense of accomplishment you’ll have but then you’ll begin to feel good physically too.  Around your second and third weeks of training you’ll start to notice that you’re getting stronger.  Your newly developed strength will be present at certain parts of each day when your mind is calm and you are able to relax.  That’s usually the point when most people start to genuinely crave the next workout.  And if you miss a session when you’re in this phase of the Boot Camp you may actually feel jittery, as if you consumed a bunch of caffeine.  This happens because your body has started to produce energy in anticipation of a workout in order to prepare you for the next series of high intensity exercises.


now you’re addicted:

In the next phase of physical progression you will need each group exercise workout in order to feel “normal” and this is exactly where you want to be.  You’ll be very hungry because you’ve effectively raised your metabolism and increased your body’s fat burning capabilities.  This is where the anchor has been set for you to form, and keep, the best addiction you’ll ever have.  If you have a weight loss goal you’ll need to pay extra attention to your nutritional habits and only take in what your body absolutely needs for fuel and recovery.  You’re forming a long term habit that can stay with you for the rest of your life.  The only way the habit can be changed at this point is by making a series of decisions the deter you from exercise.  Avoid all things that can create roadblocks and continue to press on.  Stay with your program – Boot Camp in Long Beach by Jed Miller – or any other program that works well to keep your body and mind guessing.  It is important for you to never fall into a predictable exercise routine.  Following the same schedule each week is fine but the workouts must change.  Stay focused, appreciate your own efforts and pat yourself on the back for staying on track.