Weight Loss Success

drop the weight, for good:

If you’ve struggled with weight loss in the past you’ve probable tried all the diets which sometimes do work but the results rarely stick.  For some reason most people think of weight loss in terms of a temporary diet they need to go on until they get thin.  And during that temporary “quick fix diet” it is assumed that they’ll need to struggle and suffer until the target weight is reached.  The question is: Then what!?  It doesn’t make any sense to look at weight loss this way, right?


habits, not diets:

In order for weight loss to occur you have to change your eating habits and go into this process with a clear understanding that this is a new beginning, not just a weight loss diet.  The reason most people fail to lose weight or keep off the pounds they shed is because they’ve never made a long term plan for forming new habits.  Think of weight loss like this:  By taking a big picture approach you’ll prepare yourself for a marathon, not a sprint.  Once you’ve genuinely accepted the fact that this change needs to be life long you’ll have a much better sense of how you’ll need to make good decisions on a daily basis instead of just following a food list each day for a while.


do what works:

Jed Miller’s Boot Camp in Long Beach is all about helping people form solid habits for long term fitness success.  Equally important are the habits that will support these exercise habits.  A totally personalized weight loss program can cost up to $400 so it’s no wonder why many people simply avoid that option.  For those that have the budget for it that’s the best way to go.  For most people it is more feasible to follow a  program designed for long term success.  A perfect example of a system designed to lay out a blueprint for long term weight loss and healthy living is a meal delivery system which works exceptionally well to clarify the mysteries of weight loss, especially those who don’t have time to cook.

By learning about food values, good food combinations, timing of meals as wells as meal portions you’ll be well on your way to forming the habits that will get you lean and keep you there For Life.  By following a clear set of guidelines which can help you to understand not only what not to eat but exactly what you should be eating, in what proportions and in what combinations you’ll have clarity about the journey you’re on.  Weight loss in the human body is far more complex than most people realize and the shocking fact is that if you know which foods work well together to raise your metabolism and burn fat you’ll realize that losing weight doesn’t have to be such a struggle.

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