Long Beach CA Fitness

we like the view:


Long Beach CA offers some of the most beautiful places for outdoor fitness training and Boot Camp classes.  With a wide variety of parks and grassy areas, most notably Bluff Park, which overlooks the ocean.  For fitness and fun there’s also the Long Beach bike path whick is a four mile stretch for riding bicycles, jogging, rollerblading and walking.  The bike path has marked lanes for walkers and bikers to help keep everyone safe.  Another well known park in Long Beach is El Dorado Park which is inland and has offers the community a massive block of land to be used for nature walks, jogging, personal workouts and just about anything else you can come up with.


outdoor fitness in long beach:

Outdoor fitness training in Long Beach CA or anywhere else is now linked to many health benefits including mental clarity, increased energy levels, higher immune system function and more.  For these reasons parks in Long Beach like Livingston Park in Belmont Shore, Bluff Park and many others are great places to live and exercise because the possibilities for outdoor fitness training are endless.  The weather is almost always perfect for boot camp sessions, personal training, jogging, bike rides and whatever else you like to do for exercise.  Most people are stuck inside of four walls every time they got to work and it only makes sense to become one with nature either before or after work.  Many doctors in the Long Beach area, as well as many other parts  of the United States are now recommending patients of all ages to expose themselves to nature more often in order to create a general sense of well being.