Saturday Long Beach Outdoor Boot Camp

Long Beach Boot Camp Group Exercise

Level 9 Saturday Long Beach CA Boot Camp

Join Fitness Professional Jed Miller for a unique blend of total body fitness training that’s guaranteed to give you an intense weekend workout. Join this Long Beach CA Weekend Boot Camp for a premium workout at an affordable rate.

A body in motion stays in motion!  Get the satisfaction of all-in no holds barred workout that truly ANYONE CAN DO with a CAN DO ATTITUDE.  This very special free offer takes money out of the equation so all you have to do is get motivated, sign up, show up and kick butt at this Long Beach Level 9 Boot Camp!


Saturdays at 10am
All Fitness Levels – Beginner to Advanced
Bluff Park, Long Beach CA see map
Bring: yoga/exercise mat, water and 2 dumb bells (if you have some)

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Past Level 9 Long Beach CA Boot Camp Results:

Alisa Lost 17.5 Pounds in her first 30 Days!

3 Level 9 workouts per week, clean eating and a Can Do Attitude.  Check back for more updates as Alisa keeps dropping body fat at an insane rate!




Kristi Has Sculpted & Toned Beyond Her Own Expectations in 45 Days!

2 Level 9 Boot Camps per week, 1 Level 9 Personal Training Session per week.  Kristi was already lean when she started but she was ready to gain lean muscle and tone up her whole body.  She did!  Plus her butt has curves it NEVER had before!




Leanne Lost Over 24 Pounds in her first 60 Days!

2 Level 9 Boot Camp workouts per week, proper nutrition (no dieting), personal motivation to keep pushing until she hits her goal.  More updates to come as Leanne drops another 10+ pounds.





Luis Has Lost 4 Inches Off His Mid-Section and Had to Buy New Clothes!

2 Level 9 Boot Camp workouts per week, controlled eating nightmare diets, just good choices.  Luis has already had to replace his wardrobe with clothes that fit his new Lean, Toned Body.



The Long Beach Saturday Boot Camp Experience

Join a motivated group of Long Beach CA Boot Camp members for a unique Mixed Method Muscle Confusion workout program that produces results, especially when combined with healthy eating and workouts during the week.  For some the L9 Saturday Boot camp is the beginning of a new view of health and fitness.

Weekend boot camps can play a huge role in your overall conditioning, weight loss, muscle building workout program. Always follow safety precautions and also understand the benefits and intensity of boot camps when getting started. Take it slow if you’re brand new to physical total body workouts such as weekend bootcamp sessions and individual personal training.


Are you ready for the Level 9 Long Beach Saturday Boot Camp?