Private Group Exercise Classes

Private Group Exercise Classes in Long Beach CA

Private Group Exercise Classes for You and Friends

Yes, with your own private group of friends, relatives or co-workers and Jed Miller or another L9 Fitness Instructor as your fitness coach you’ve got all of the required elements for a fun, exciting, results producing fitness program.


Private Group Training Costs Depend on Variables:

  • Number of training days per week
  • Length of sessions
  • Number of members
  • Training location


Average Monthly Price: $400 to $800

TOTAL COST to be split by all members


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Join an existing private group or talk to a few people and start to build a group of like-minded people who would love to be trained by a Master Fitness Trainer. Private groups in special locations are available for entertainers and other high profile figures who want total privacy during their workouts, as well as anyone who’s ready to bring their friends along for the best workout program money can buy.


ways to build your group:

Work – Tell all of your co-workers.  If you work in Hollywood invite on-set staff, writers, editors, actors, personal assistants etc.   If you’re a high profile figure you can remain anonymous in your private fitness group and Jed will personally train you if his schedule permits.  If you work in a place where there’s any type of break room or lounge you could put up a simple handwritten flyer.  This has worked well in the past.  Or, if you’re in a sales or marketing type position consider gifting a program (or part) to local clients…yes, give them the gift of health and fitness.  They’ll never forget you.

Facebook – Post a message on your wall every few days (to make sure people see it at least once).  Plus you can go to and use the share feature.

Twitter – Tweet up a storm.

Family – Pick up the phone and start dialing.

Email – Go through your contacts and select people who are positive in nature and might benefit from joining a private group exercise boot camp.


exclusivity, privacy, anonymity:

You can rest assured the locations and times of your private group exercise classes or boot camp sessions will never be shared with anyone, unless you say otherwise.  Your program will be designed exclusively around the abilities and goals of you and your group. This is definitely the next best thing to Individual Personal Training.  Jed or one of his trainers will formulate a plan that is sure to address the goals of the entire group, while never leaving anyone behind. The team atmosphere means you’ll be sharing victories with the members of your group on a regular basis.

Putting together a private group exercise group is easy. With Facebook and other options listed above spreading the word about something great has never been easier. You and your group will be trained in a Long Beach or Los Angeles outdoor  location where you’ll meet 2 to 5 times per week, depending on how your private group exercise program is set up. No more excuses, it’s easy to start your new specialized fitness program.  You’ll be presented with any available scheduling options for training in Long Beach or Los Angeles at your initial meeting.

Our Long Beach private group exercise classes are known to produce results.  Statistics show that exercising with people you know and respect can help produce even better results than exercising alone or using workout DVDs.  By inviting friends, family or co-workers into your private group exercise boot camp classes you can expect to have fun while shaping your body and burning off excess body fat.  Level 9 Private Boot Camps can also be used as a team building program for companies and non-profit organizations in Long Beach CA.