Plyometrics Exercises

plyometrics, worth the work:

Plyometrics Training is a form of physical exercise which generally involves a fast push off or explosive set of movements.  Plyometric movements usually involve jumping with the lower body or pushing off and popping of the uppder body.  Plyo may also be used in combined movements in order to tax multiple muscle groups in a single repetition.  Regular use of this form of training can help to increase fat loss, improve nervous system function, increase blood flow, lower blood pressure and increase power output.  Additionally, those who train often using plyometric exercises are able to increase work loads on muscle groups, jump higher and move much more quickly from one position to another.  Plyos are often thought of as only being used in sports training but these exercises are becoming much more popular in recent years and are more commonly being used by personal trainers and fitness instructors.


ahead of the curve:

Jed Miller knew the benefits plyometric training could have on an individual’s performance and fat loss long before plyo was a buzz word in the fitness industry.  His clients know first hand the benefits of plyometrics too.  L9 Boot Camp in Long Beach includes plyos in many exercise sessions and clients can expect these exercises to help them reach their fitness goals much faster than training without plyos.  Any clients with pre-existing injuries may be instructed to use a modified form of a plyometric exercise in order to protect certain muscle groups, joints or fragile bones.  It’s no secret that plyometrics  is a big part of the Level 9 system.  Those who are enrolled in Boot Camp and group exercise classes with Jed Miller often say plyo made all the difference in losing additional body fat and toning up.  Boot Camp clients are also encouraged to do basic plyometrics exercises on their own in order to achieve faster results and maintain a healthy metabolism even on non-training days.  Some clients also combine plyo training with cardio sessions for increased fat burning.