Open Enrollment Terms of Service

Open Enrollment Boot Camp Terms of Service

By purchasing open enrollment fitness boot camp services you and your fitness trainer hereby agree to the following Terms of Service:

I understand that my fitness boot camp fitness training membership will provide me with 4 consecutive weeks of group exercise training. This is a total of 8 consecutive sessions within a billing cycle.  I understand that the promotional purchase price of $99 is a limited time offer and may not apply to future boot camps.

Additionally, I understand that I am responsible for my own attendance at open enrollment fitness boot camp.  Failure to attend my scheduled fitness boot camp and/or open-enrollment sessions will NOT entitle me to a refund of fitness boot camp and/or fitness training monthly fees, or an extension of my paid membership, unless otherwise agreed upon, in writing by my trainer.


Trainer agrees to provide 4 consecutive weeks of scheduled open enrollment boot camp training or 8 consecutive sessions on the days/times listed below.  Any free additional sessions (weekends) are a courtesy and are not guaranteed.

Any type of free weekend programs will not be guaranteed and may only be offered on a first come first served basis. If a weekend boot camp is full there is never a guaranteed make-up session.

By purchasing Level 9 Fitness “Open Enrollment Boot Camp” I understand and agree to the following guarantees and conditions:

  • Guaranteed schedule: Tuesdays/Thursdays 6pm
  • Program duration: 4 weeks or 8 consecutive sessions on scheduled days/times
  • No make-up sessions except for inclement weather
  • Price above does not apply to “Semi-Private” or “Small Group Select” boot camps

Cancellations by a member DO NOT guarantee any type of make-up session. The promise of an ongoing program is that accountability will be enforced. This ensures a greater attendance level, and ultimately greater success for open enrollment boot camp members.