Muscle Confusion Boot Camp

Muscle Confusion Boot Camp

Jed Miller created his unique blend of exercise techniques called Mixed Method Muscle Confusion – M3C, for his Long Beach CA Boot Camps and 1-on-1 Personal Training.  This is a totally unique brand of results training.

Mixed Method Muscle Confusion Boot Camp

“I use what works best, in special combinations, with varying intensity levels rarely exceeding a 9 out of 10 difficulty factor, hence LEVEL 9 Fitness.  Every single workout is different from the last so we avoid plateaus.  My mixed method approach is a high intensity total body workout that has a very high success rate.  I’ve spent my career perfecting it.”

Simply put- my system always works for those who follow the program correctly.”  – JM


Years of Mixed Method Training

Muscle Confusion Boot Camp includes various methods collected throughout Jed’s career as a fitness professional.  The MC3 system is a specialized fitness training system for individual personal training as well as Long Beach and Los Angeles Level 9 Boot Camps.

The Training System is an ongoing results based program which effectively avoids plateaus. It also and helps clients discover their own personal best. Finding the ideal difficulty factor for maximum results is the goal.

Training above a Level 9 out of 10 can actually be damaging to the body, especially over time.  Training at an ideal level and rarely training at a constant rate of absolute failure can help in avoiding potential injuries and chronic fatigue.

Muscle Confusion Long Beach Boot Camps

A major part of continued results is making sure your body never gets used to one single training routine.  The term “Fitness Routine” should only apply to training times and days, not the actual workouts.

Your body will respond to new and varying types of physical stress much more effectively than if you repeat the same exact workout day after day.  This is a shock to many people who are accustomed to the ever popular style of do-over training.  Sure, your body will begin to feel better and the same single workout will get easier over time.

If exercising gets easier you’re doing something wrong.  Results come from a constantly increasing work load.  As you get stronger you’ll need more resistance.  If you can do twenty puch ups today do twenty two tomorrow.  That’s a very basic example of what Jed does for his Boot Camp and Personal Training clients on a daily basis.  He constantly changes the exercises, exercise types and workload so it’s always difficult and the results keep coming, session after session.

Multiple Methods for Faster Boot Camp Results

By using multiple methods of exercise and increasing work loads Jed will make sure you shock your body so you’ll be in a constant state of recovery, which will increase your metabolism and increase your energy levels. A raised metabolism equals increased body fat burning well into and beyond 24 hours post workout.  By using your own body weight, plus equipment such as free weights, resistance bands, kettlebells, medicine balls, bosu balls, balance discs and advanced plyometric jump training you’re new body will be a reality in a vary short period of time.

Reach out to Jed Miller about Boot Camps & Personal Training

Jed Miller’s Boot Camps and Personal Fitness Training are available in Long Beach 90802 or 90803 as well as other parts of Los Angeles County and Orange County for some clients.  The Boot Camp information above is intended to help all prospective clients make an informed decision when selecting a Long Beach Boot Camp Program.  If you have any question you’re always welcome to.  Contact Jed Miller regarding Long Beach Personal Training, Boot Camps and also motivation assistance and nutrition information.