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All L9 Boot Camp Long Beach CA Group Exercise Programs are designed by Master Fitness Trainer Jed Miller, with years of Boot Camp and Personal Training experience. Enjoy GREAT RATES on HIGH QUALITY fitness training.  This Long Beach area boot camp is great for all fitness levels. See bootcamp preview video below.



Long Beach CA Boot Camp by Jed Miller


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Total Body Training Beach Boot Camp


Trial Boot Camp Special Offer:

For a limited time try this Long Beach CA boot camp with a 2 SESSION TRIAL. Requesting a trial pass does not commit you to making a purchase. Make sure you love it before you pay a dime.

If you’re weighing out your options between Long Beach Personal Training VS Boot Camp start with a FREE Fitness Evaluation.


  • Affordable monthly rates
  • NO contract (month-to-month)
  • UNLIMITED attendance
  • Beach-side workouts
  • NO initiation fee
  • Great for ALL fitness levels
  • 3 friend passes per month


JM’s Long Beach CA Boot Camp Location

Most of JM’s Long Beach CA Boot Camps are held at Bluff Park Long Beach CA 90802 and 90803. Enjoy an ocean view while taking group exercise classes in Long Beach. For the most up to date training locations and schedule use the trial boot camp form above.



Your Trainer: JED MILLER

Long Beach CA Boot Camp by Jed Miller



Get total body conditioning for fat loss, toning, tightening and lean muscle mass for the body you deserve.


Jed’s style has been referred to as the “Positive Push” – firm, yet respectful. 

This is by far the best way for budget minded people to be trained by a true fitness professional in Long Beach CA.

Meet Boot Camp Pro Trainer Jed Miller


Jed Miller’s Long Beach CA Boot Camp

YOUR Fitness is based on YOUR Decisions.  OWN it either way.

Make a decision to get fit with Jed Miller’s Long Beach CA Boot Camp!

Unlike many other group exercise class programs Level 9 Boot Camp Training is designed around Customer Demand, meaning Jed adds days and times to his program when his loyal clients ask for it. Jed is primarily a 1-on-1 personal trainer but he absolutely loves training boot camp groups as well. With a jam packed schedule Jed does whatever he can to fit in group training.




Recruit a few friends to join this boot camp for Semi-Private Group Exercise in Long Beach CA!  You can start right away.  You Want Results Right? And you want to hang on to as much of Your MONEY as you can so you can buy a new wardrobe after you reshape your body.  Try it FREE and Find out what all the hype is about!



The L9 Progressive Boot Camp System


Jed Miller | Long Beach Level 9 Boot Camp


The Jed Miller Boot Camp Long Beach system doesn’t allow your body to acclimate to any one specific workout because the workouts always change. Jed takes the ‘routine’ out of working out. Look at it this way: Routine is a results killer! With the Long Beach Level 9 Boot Camp. Get amazing results for a small fraction of the cost of 1-on-1 Personal Training. Long Beach group exercise classes can cost ten times less than working individually with a personal trainer in Long Beach. If you desire maximum results for a minimal investment Jed Miller has your fitness training solution!



 Get to Know Jed Miller – Boot Camp Instructor

As a Los Angeles & Long Beach area Personal Trainer Jed has spent his entire career developing a program that works for all fitness levels. This special system utilizes Jed’s own brand of exercise called M3C® Mixed Method Muscle Confusion.  It produces results for everyone who follows the system correctly. From beginner to advanced.

What brought you to this website? Are you searching for a Long Beach based Boot Camp that gives you the most bang for your buck? Do you want a Long Beach area Group Exercise Instructor that genuinely cares about your results? Or would you prefer to spend up to ten times more on individual personal training? Many programs are great but the only program you’re likely to stick with is one that brings truly measurable results.  Jed Miller has has a proven track record of doing just that, year after year.

You can start to see the big picture now right? That’s a promotional offer you simply can’t pass up. Especially if you’re SMART WITH YOUR MONEY!  Life is full of tough decisions.  This doesn’t have to be one of them.


L9 Long Beach Boot Camp Info

All Long Beach L9 Boot Camp members are required to bring 1 set of 2 bumbbells, a jump rope, a mat and water.  Open-Enrollment is not currently available.  Members still have the option to pay-as-you-go for $20 per boot camp session with an approved guest pass.  All promotional offers will end on the dates specified and no extensions will be given so all sales are fair for all members.  Special 8 Week Shape Up packages are limited to two packages per client when individual personal training is included as a part of the package price.  Any group exercise program must be used within the dates specified for that package.  Nutritional guidance can be bundled into any boot camp or personal training program for a special monthly rate.

Jed Miller’s L9 Group Exercise & Long Beach Boot Camps are low cost (and sometimes free) bootcamp training programs that everyone can afford and benefit greatly from.   Level 9 Bluff Park Boot Camps in Long Beach California give participants and awesome outdoor workout experience like no other Long Beach group exercise program.  The Level 9 fitness training system is always progressive and results driven.  The beautiful outdoor training boot camp locations offer inspiring ocean views from the Bluff of the ocean or the harbor while you work up a sweat.  Outdoor Long Beach boot camps are not anything like gym or health club workouts and many clients say they’ll never go back to the gym after attending a Level 9 Bootcamp program.


Train at Boot Camp with Caution

If you’re new to Boot Camp or you’ve been away from fitness training for an extended period of time it is important for you to tell your group fitness instructor at the beginning of your program.  You also have a personal responsibility to know your body’s limitations and avoid training too hard too fast.  Sure, you’re motivated and ready to make a change but the changes you’re making will take time as you re-acclimate your body to rigorous exercise.  Always be mindful of the way exercises feel during and after Long Beach boot camp sessions and try to differentiate between a “good burn”  and pain- the two are actually very different.  Your L9 Boot Camp instructor can’t feel what you feel so the responsibility to train smart is up to you.  Despite the fact that group exercise programs and boot camps can be very competitive at times it is crucial that you recognize your own abilities and train physically, not purely emotionally.  Don’t worry, you’ll make progress at every session and you’ll be in top shape in no time.


Boot Camp Safety Information

Boot Camp Safety Notice #1:

When entering into a Level Boot Camp in Long Beach or other locations in Los Angeles County or Orange County you should consult your doctor or health care provider and request a full physical examination to ensure your own boot camp safety. It is important to only enter a boot camp in Long Beach by Level 9 is you are in good to excellent health and you do not have any current or pre-existing injuries which could inhibit your Long Beach boot camp performance and/or become aggravated due to exercising in group exercise classes, personal training or boot camp. By Joining a Level 9 Boot Camp you submit that you are in good health at the start of your training program in Long Beach CA 90802 or 90803.


Boot Camp Safety Notice #2:

Results will vary by person and will be greatly affected by attendance, exertion a person is willing to put forth, body type and nutritional habits. Not all boot camp clients achieve the same results or follow the same time line for physical changes and transformations but boot camp safety must remain a top priority. All Long Beach attendees of a level 9 boot camp are encouraged to see the help and guidance of a nutritionist or weight loss program if their primary concern is weight loss. A combination of group exercise classes and a structured weight loss program have been proven to show much better results than diet or exercise alone. Boot camp safety means all goals should be approached carefully with respect to the time and gradual process of each member’s individual improvement.


Boot Camp Safety Notice #3:

Promotional prices, special offers and sale prices are never guaranteed and may end at any time without notice. All specially reduced prices are offered by the group exercise class instructor. Advertised boot camp prices may change from month to month. A pre-pay option may be offered on promotional offers. The end date for such boot camp Long Beach offers may change at any time and only pre-purchased sessions or boot camp program packages will be honored after the sale or promotion has ended.


Boot Camp Safety Notice #4:

The boot camp Long Beach CA programs are never guaranteed to any individual. Free group exercise programs by Level 9 are offered on special arranged dates or planned continuous program dates. A person who has been accepted into a program may be asked to withdraw if perfect attendance is not maintained. Any suggested donations for free fitness training programs are to be made directly to the charity or other organization and never to the fitness instructor.

By entering into a fitness program, boot camp in Long Beach, or any type  of group exercise class you agree that you are in good health and are fully capable of exercising at a rigorous pace.  Please talk to your doctor before you join a fitness program if you have any concerns or questions.