A Simple Check List for Consistency

If you’ve fallen short of your goals in the past so what, don’t dwell on it.  My fitness boot camp classes in long beach might offer you the perfect amount of structure in your journey to become more fit and healthy.  My boot camp and personal training clients have many different goals from weight loss to sculpting and toning or to become more flexible and balanced.  Others just want to be more healthy and energized.  

Always remember that only today counts.  If you’ve fallen short of your goals in the past that’s all over with now.  Start fresh and make sure you keep a positive attitude no matter what obstacles stand in your way.  Nothing will stop you if you’ve got the right mind set.  -Jed Miller

  1. Set your workouts as appointments (with or without a trainer).  Always have a Plan B just in case  Plan A gets screwed up (and it will sometimes).  Always mark your calendar.
  2. Set your workout appointments at a realistic time.  Maybe doesn’t cut it because you’re leaving yourself an easy out.
  3. Separate yourself from people who shed a negative light on exercise…they’re probably just jealous anyway.
  4. Find a workout partner with similar goals and lots of motivation.  or Get a Personal Trainer!
  5. Keep a workout and food journal. Documenting your success will motivate you to keep it up and achieve more.