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Long Beach CA Boot Camp by Jed Miller

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Jed Miller “Likes” you too!  In appreciation for your loyalty to JM’s Long Beach boot camp classes and keeping up with our Facebook updates we want to thank you BIG TIME with Facebook Offers.  If you’re new to our group exercise you can get this great Long Beach CA boot camp offer too!

Monthly Program


MORNING >> 9:00am

Mon / Wed / Fri

EVENING >> 5:30pm

Mon / Tue / Wed / Thu

8 Weeks Unlimited Boot Camp

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Only $29/month

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Thanks Jed for all of your hard work getting me into shape. I have to say I not only look great, but I feel amazing. I have never worked out with a trainer before and it is well worth it. Someone told me last week that they did not even recognize me and it has only been 30 days. I look forward to my training…..read more

Jed,  I must admit I have never taken a boot camp class before in my life and was a bit skeptical at first although I have been an avid athletic participant and martial arts/yoga/squash player for years and years. After training only briefly with you, my conclusion is that your blend of serious athleticism, martial arts precision and zen transcending enthusiasm to push yourself to limits you did know you were capable of …..read more