Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy details the ways L9 Boot Camp uses the information submitted by you by either joining a contact list in Long Beach or contacting Level 9 directly by using your phone or email. L9 Boot Camp fully protects any information you provide in any form of contact and your information such as fitness history, goals, previous injuries, medications used etc. will never be shared with any third party at any time prior to, during or after you attend a L9 Boot Camp in Long Beach CA or iny other locations. All information collected is used for the sole purpose of ensuring your safety and physical health.

By joining a Level 9 group exercise program you agree to the possibility of being photographed. If you are opposed to being identifiable in pictures taken during Boot Camp sessions please inform your Group Fitness Instructor at the start of your exercise program.

Level 9 may collect the following information:

Your name, Your contact information including email address, mailing address, fitness history, injury profile and history, current medications, fitness interests in addition to Boot Camp, information relevant to special offers and purchasing preferences (pay-as-you-go or paid-in-full).

What we do with the information we gather:

We use the information we collect to ensure your safety and health while exercising and participating in a Level 9 Group Exercise class or frogram. We may also use your buying preferences, combined with the buying preferences of other current members in order to establish buying trends and improve our marketing efforts. Your information will never be shared in a marketing campaign unless you express an interest and approval of such a campaign. Example: A clients who joins our fitness program and achieves their fitness goals will be encouraged to share their success story. Participation is always optional.

In some cases we will use information related only to your fitness results over a given period of time in order to improve our Boot Camps and increase the effectiveness of our exercise and weight loss programs. We may use information related to your nutritional habits in order to improve your overall progress. Clients who have a primary goal of weight loss may be asked to keep a food journal. This food log will be kept completely confidential between the fitness trainer and you the client.

Promotional Information

We may send promotional emails and postal mail to clients and prospective cleints who have joined our email or postal mailing lists. Any person who has joined either list can opt-out at any time. This form of contact is intended to keep clients and prospective clients informed about promotional Boot Camp offers, schedule updates, fitness articles and other updates related to fitness, health and exercise. Some email messages may prompt you for a response as we attempt to collect feedback in order to further improve our fitness programs.

Your Security

The security of you and your personal information is a high priority to us. We will always ensure that your information is completely secure and never shared.

The Level 9 Boot Camp in Long Beach website contains links to related websites. Related links are provided in order to provide you with additional useful information. When you follow a link which is outside of we can not guarantee the same level of security stated on this page. We can not control other websites and their actions but it is reasonable to assume the linked fitness related sites will follow all legal responsibilities in respecting and protecting your privacy.