L9 Boot Camp Prices in Long Beach

Long Beach L9 Boot Camp

Jed Miller’s Long Beach CA Boot Camp Prices

JM’s Long Beach CA Boot Camp prices are intentionally very budget friendly and always cost far less than 1-on1 Personal training with Jed.

As a general rule I keep my boot camp prices are also more affordable than other Boot Camps in Long Beach.  Jed makes his Long Beach CA Boot Camps the best deal in town because he believes strongly in making fitness available to everyone!

Take a look at the latest Jed Miller Boot Camps in Long Beach CA for the latest prices and program options.




Quick List of Programs

  • Pay-As-You-Go
  • Open enrollment
  • Small Group Semi Private
  • Private Groups
  • Partner Training (2 person max)



More about JM’s Long Beach CA Boot Camps

Open-Enrollment boot camps are open to the public until a maximum member count of 30 is reached.

There is currently No Availability for open-enrollment group exercise.  For Semi-Private and Small Group Boot Camps Click Here

There’s no pressure to sign up.  If you’re looking for an awesome total body workout this is your most cost effective option in Long Beach!


plenty of reasons to join boot camp, zero excuses:

Right Now you can join Jed Miller’s Boot Camp in Long Beach for a fraction of the cost of 1-on-1 Personal Training.  With great training options you can pick the schedule that works best for you if the current open-enrollment schedule doesn’t fit your needs.  We’ve taken out all of the excuses.  Super low prices make it easy to join and more importantly Easy to Stick With The Program.  Lots of people think they just can’t afford to train with a Master Fitness Trainer.  Well, here’s your chance.  You can train with a top level trainer without spending the money you’d be paying for individual personal training.  With the Level 9 Boot Camp in Long Beach you can train for constant results in a program that’s sure to make you sweat.  Training sessions may be held at Livingston Park in Belmont Shore, as well as Bluff Park and other great locations in Long Beach CA.


packages & plans

Packages are valid for four weeks of training.  Easy Pay options may include multiple four week programs. Unlimited Packages include all training session days and times.  Limited packages include only the days and times pre-purchased and do not include make up sessions or alternate days.  Example: If you join an AM open-enrollment program including M/W/F and your first paid session is on a Monday your 4 week schedule will be Mon/Wed/Fri for four consecutive weeks.  Example 2:  If you purchase an Unlimited Package and start on a Wednesday your training schedule is Wed/Thu/Fri/Mon/Tue for four weeks.

Clients who may need to change days frequently should purchase the Unlimited Boot Camp Package, offering total scheduling flexibility or consider requesting a Private Group Fitness Program.   Single session rate is $20 per session and existing members are encouraged to drop-in on sessions not included in their program.